Project management team

Architect/ Urban planning (lead contractor) : FLINT

Architect : Bruno Rollet

Landscape designer / Urban planning : BASE

Mobility / Transports / Displacements: INDDIGO

Economic development : BERENICE

Urban Sociology: REPÉRAGE URBAIN

Urban, architectural, engineering programming: PRO-DÉVELOPPEMENT (Ville ouverte)

External works infrastructure and urban development :  SAFEGE (Suez Consulting)

Catégorie : Urban studies
Description :


The Lac and Aubiers residences represent 3,800 inhabitants living in 1,300 primary residences, almost all of which being social housing. Classed as a QPV (priority district), this district is one of the poorest in the Bordeaux suburbs. It is a priority Aquitain district that accumulates all the possible uncertainties, be they problems linked to social difficulties, jobs or families. The economic and social indicators – which do not reveal any improvements – show a particularly unfavourable situation for those living in the district. In order to contain this process, the reconsidered Aubiers urban project must propose significant urban changes able to have a considerable impact on the district’s social and economic life as well as on the quality of life of its inhabitants. Consequently, the basic urban, housing and population strategies to be redefined will need to be able to rapidly and sustainably change the image of the district and, in particular, favour the return of the district’s economic and residential attractiveness.






Etude urbaine des sites Résidence du Lac et Les Aubiers initiée par Bordeaux Métropole aves l'Agence Flint et l'Agence Base paysagistes.