RUNGIS domestic waste incineration plant (UIOM)


Personalised management for the recycling and use of waste from the Rungis region

Project management team

Lead contractor : VEOLIA/GENERIS

Architect : Bruno Rollet

Colours and garden : Céline Langlois

Utilities engineers : Fabricom


Renovation of façades and landscaping for the domesticwaste incineration plant. Design and construction of an ORC building

(organic heat recuperation cycle).

Cost of the works

€14,974,330 excl.

HANDOVER may 2018
Catégorie : Activities Transformation
Description :

Located on the site of the Marché d’Intérêt National (national interest market) and owned by SEMMARIS, UIOM, the MIN incinerator has existed on these 250 hectares since the 1980’s. The site is remarkable for its geographical location, large number of transport networks and all its functions serving the towns of Chevilly-Larue, Fresnes, Paray Vieille Poste, Thiais and Wissous. The setting is also strategic. Over time, it will be enriched by other enhancing programmes that will give the territory an even greater readability.


This project, managed by Société Généris (Véolia) for the operational and maintenance aspects, proposes bringing this 30 year old equipment into line with the latest standards and giving it a new image. This will be achieved by redesigning its envelope and reviewing its construction materials while also redefining its surrounds. For this industrial tool to be more urban, Agence Bruno Rollet decided to make its five volumes stand out by reworking the façades. Each building is clad in warm tones taken from a palette of colours ranging from orange to gold via silver. Metal cladding using different textures completes the composition.

The care taken in the design of the envelope cladding this plant and its surrounds clearly indicates the design intention: despite a rough environment, this industrial object contributes to an ecological approach and needs to respectfully integrate into the landscape. In this particular case, the improvements to the technical and ecological equipment avoids any cosmetic papering. The result is a sensitive requalification accompanied by a landscaping approach: along the Quai de Boulogne quayside, the parking areas will be planted with umbrella pines and maple trees. The work on the lighting also participates in the pacified rehabilitation of this inter-municipal amenity.


Rungis Chaufferie UIOM Rollet