Expansiel Promotion

Project management team

Architect : Bruno Rollet

Colours and garden : Céline Langlois

Surveyor and engineers : MEBI et EPDC

General contractor

Bouygues Habitat Social


French RT 2012 thermal regulations



62 home ownership housing units + 80 parking places (level -1)

Cost of the works

€5,990,000 excl. VAT

€1,618 excl. VAT / Living area


Living area : 3 701 m²
Floor area : 3 917 m²

HANDOVER october 2018
Description :

Since 2009, this town in the Val de Marne has been renovating the peaceful Sorbiers Saussaie district. Up until 1957, the “La Guinet” locality to the north-east of the village of Chevilly was almost entirely occupied by plant nurseries and a few fields. The only exceptions to this rule were two allotments respectively located on Rue Yvonne and the Édouard Vaillant and Jean Jaurès cul-de-sacs. In the space of ten years, from 1957 to 1967, the sector became the most urbanised part of the town. This was mainly due to the buildings built by the SCIC which was created in 1954 following the appeal made by Abbé Pierre. To encourage diversity and mix, this town on the outskirts of Paris is gearing up to welcome condominium residences for fist-time buyer families who are able to invest in a quality apartment at a starting price of €3,200 per m².

The local urban development plan (DPU) calls for sloped roofs to optimise the surface areas of the new buildings. This is a complicated prerequisite given that the district is already densely populated. As a result,the design calls for an architectural distribution that is particularly attentive to volume.

For Agence Bruno Rollet, paying heed to a developer means a continuous dialogue aimed at retaining balances in terms of surface and cost. This requires a certain flexibility that allows the project manager to incorporate a constructive intelligence despite risking a reduction in the project’s attraction. Worse still, this can discourage buyers. In the present case, the programme is selling fairly rapidly. To avoid straying from the requirements of the DPU, Bruno Rollet proposes building sloped roofs under which lie duplex apartments. In addition, a technical route integrated into the building’s roof makes it possible to check the correct operation of the extractors installed in this space. Due to be concentration of the urban fabric, a finely worked out solution is provided on the gable walls and facades for the incorporation of the terraces and balconies that provide “that something extra” for the home ownership units.

Rollet ZAC Sorbiers Chevilly Larue